Journey to the Center of the Brain

1:49 MIN

"Journey to the Center of the Brain” (MSNBC), takes you into the elite world of neurosurgery, following doctors and patients as they navigate their way through life-altering operations. What drives the brain surgeons, how do they work together, and what does today’s technology allow them to do?

LIFE AND DEATH: Miracle Babies

1:33 MIN

“LIFE AND DEATH: Miracle Babies” (MSNBC) follows surgeons who perform life-saving operations on infants and high-risk unborn babies.

Living with Depression

2:32 MIN

Dr. Nancy Snyderman explores depression’s effect on families.

Nature’s Weapon: The Hidden Plague

1:08 MIN

This one-hour MSNBC special explores one of history’s most dreaded diseases, from the medieval Black Death to Soviet Bio-weapons.