Digitial Experiences


Ikana partnered with BabyCenter to produce a wide-arrray of short-form video content, and currently BabyCenter has 12 million video views a month.

Inside Pregnancy: The First 9 Weeks

2:17 MIN

In early pregnancy your baby grows dramatically, from a tiny dot to the size of a grape.

How to Make 3 Healthy Pregnancy Meals

8:12 MIN

These yummy and nutritious meals are ideal for a pregnant woman and her developing baby.

Comprehensive Care St. Luke’s-Roosevelt

We redesigned the website content management system for the Center for Comprehensive Care (recently renamed the Spencer Cox Center for Health). We also created a variety of videos addressing key programs like the center’s Peer to Peer HIV-AIDS education program. And the specialized “Coming Home” health program addressing the needs of recently released prisoners.